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Reading our school newsletter, St Patrick’s Bulletin, is a great way to stay in touch with all that is happening in your child's schooling.

It is emailed fortnightly on a Friday afternoon and archived below to read at your convenience.

Parents are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter (by completing the subscription form), to receive all the latest news and upcoming events straight to your email inbox.

It is important that parents and carers read the newsletter and all notes carefully, as they are valuable sources of information about events within our school community and a means of communication between school and home.

  Bulletin 4

SyFrom the Principal NAPLAN Book Fair Student Voice


  Term 1 Bulletin 3

From the Principal St Patrick's Centenary NAPLAN Sacramental Process

  Term 1 2019 Bulletin 2

From th Principal, Kindy & New Families BBQ, Working Bee, Catholic Schools Week, Student/Parent Learning Tours

  Term 1 2019 Bulletin 1

From the Principal, Swimming Carnival, Restorative Practices, Welcome New Staff

  Bulletin 20 2018

Anne Marins' Last Editorial, RE Christmas Message, End of Year Awards Winners, Farewell to Staff, Welcome to Staff of 2019, Student Leaders 2019, Diary Dates

  Bulletin 19 2018

Principal's Christmas Message, Season of Advent, Mercy Leadership Day, Executive Director’s Summer Reading Challenge, Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, Father Peter Confeggi Retirement, Kids on Keyboards, 2019 Kindergarten Enrolments, End of Year Dates.

  Bulletin 18 26th November 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates to Remember, Religious Education, Teaching and Learning, Library News, School Fees, Personal Growth, 2019 Kindergarten Enrolments Community News and much more....!

  Bulletin 17 - 16 November 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates to Remember, Remembrance Day, Religious Education, Teaching and Learning News, Library News, Personal Growth Kindergarten Orientation, Staff News, School Fees, Community News and much more....!

  Bulletin 16 - 26th October 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates to Remember, Halloween, Plenary Council, Teaching and Learning News, ICAS Results, Staffing Changes, Uniform Reminder, JWS Research, Office Updates, Community News & more...

  Bulletin 13 - 31st August 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates to Remember, Faith Community, Teaching & Learning, World Youth Day, Library News, Book Fair, Aussie Bush Camp, Premier's Reading Challenge, Book Club, Captivate Showcase, Assistant Principal Leave, Dental Visit & More...!

  Bulletin 12 - 17th August 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates to Remember, Faith Community, ICAS Results, NAPLAN Online 2018 Trial, Premier's Reading Challenge, Library News, Voice of Youth, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, Dental Visit, World Youth Day, CAPTIVATE Showcase, Fathers' Day & more..!

  Bulletin 11 - 1st August 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Diary Dates, Religious Education News, Teaching and Learning Update, School Fees, School Photo Day, Netball Gala Day, Carpark Reminders, Community News & more..!

  Bulletin 10 2018

In this issue: Principal's Address, Diary Dates, Faith Community, Teaching & Learning, Library, Athletics Carnival, 2019 Kindergarten Enrolments, School Fees & more...

  Bulletin 9 2018

In this issue: Principals Address, Premiers Reading Challenge,Soccer Gala Day, Lunch Orders, Enrolments, Changing Schools, Using Technology at home & more

  Bulletin 8 2018

In this issue: Parent/Teacher Interviews, Parent Information Sessions, Blacktown City festival, Kindergarten Enrolments

  Bulletin 7 2018

In this issue: Principal's message, Faith Community, Student Wellbeing, Term 2 Assemblies, Canberra Excursion, PRC, Restorative Practices, Blacktown City Festival Parade, 2019 Kindergarten Enrolments, Winter Uniforms, School Fees. Tell Them From Me Parent Survey

  Bulletin 6

Principal's Address, Diary Dates, Faith Community, Update from the Assistant Principal, ANZAC Day, NAPLAN 2018, Canberra Excursion, Book Club, Library Challenge, Homework Club, Enrolments, Canteen Reminder & more...

  Bulletin 5 2018

This issue: Easter, Stations of the Cross, Helping your child with NAPLAN, Gymnastics, eBooks, CAPTIVATE Showcase 2018, School Uniform, Professional Learning Day, Miss Bonaventura Leaving,

  Bulletin 4 2018

This Issue: Principal's Message, Faith Community, Teaching & Learning, Library, Cross Country, Canteen

  Bulletin 3 2018

This issue: Diary dates, Harmony day, Faith Community, Teaching and Learning, School Swimming Champions, Working Bee

  Bulletin 2 2018

This issue: Lent, Ash Wednesday, Catholic Schools Week, Supporting Maths at Home, Scholastic Book Fairs, Captivate Choir, Staff Profiles, Working Bee

  Bulletin 19 2017

Year 5 Leadership and Year 6 Mercy Retreat, Leadership Day Reflection, Summer Reading, Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, Summer borrowing & eBooks, Drama and Choir Performances, Year 6 Graduation Mass, Mission Awards Presentation, Farewell and Thanksgiving Mass and more.

  Bulletin 18 2017

Stage 2 Excursion, Kitchen Garden, Kindy 2018 Orientation

  Bulletin 18 2017

Stage 2 Excursion, Kindy Orientation, Kitchen Garden

  Bulletin 17 2017

Walkathon, Basketball Gala Day, Kindergarten Information Evening

  Bulletin 16 2017

Science week, Mission Mass, Walkathon

  bulletin 15 2017

Mercy Day Liturgy, Staff Appointments, ICAS results

  Bulletin 14 2017

Captivate, Father's Day, Swimming program

  Bulletin 13 2017

Zone Athletics, Kitchen Garden, Mr Longo's Farewell

  Bulletin 12 2017

Voice of Youth, Year 2 Excursion, Mini Vinnies

  Bulletin 11 2017

Athletics Carnival, Kindy Excursion, Attendance

  Bulletin 10 2017

Stage 3 camp, Learning in Year 4B, Attendance

  Bulletin 9 2017

Learning in year 4, Parent Teacher Interviews, Kindergarten Enrolments

  Bulletin 8 2017

Blacktown City Parade, Girls Soccer Gala Day, Kindergarten Enrolments

  Bulletin 7 2017

Mini Vinnies, Blacktown City Festival Parade, Learning in Year 4

  Bulletin 6 2017

Mother's Day, Kitchen Garden, Student Attendance

  Bulletin 5 2017

Kindergarten Term One, St Patrick's Day, Year 1 Excursion

  Bulletin 4 2017

Catholic Schools Week, Quality Catholic Schools Survey, Working Bee

  Bulletin 3 2017

Opening School Mass, Lenten Celebrations, Premier's Reading Challenge

  Bulletin 2 2017

Learning walks, Swimming Carnival, Restorative practices

  Bulletin 20 2017

Kitchen Garden, Awards, Staff news

  Bulletin 19 2016

Kindergarten Museum of Fire Excursion, Premiers reading challenge, End of Year Celebrations

  Bulletin 18 2016

Summer Reading, School Leadership process, Mrs Hawkes Farewell

  Bulletin 17 2016

Basketball Gala Day, Kitchen Garden, Kindergarten Orientation Day

  bulletin 16 2016

Mission Mass, Writing in Year 2, Restorative Practices

  Bulletin 15 2016

Miss Casten's WYD adventure, Stage 3 camp, Munch Canteen

  Bulletin 14 2016

Book Week, Captivate, Mrs Hawkes Farewell

  Bulletin 13 2016

Voice of Youth, Netball Gala Day, School Canteen

  Bulletin 12 2016

Way of Mercy, Touch Football Gala Day, Kindergarten Incursion

  Bulletin 11

WYD News, Parent Coffee Morning, PRC

  Bulletin 10 2016

Captivate, Holiday Actives, World Youth Day

  Bulletin 9 2016

Writers Workshop, Premier's Reading Challenge, Donations for South Sudan

  Bulletin 8

Mini Vinnies Blacktown Festival Kitchen Garden

  Bulletin 7 2016

Canberra Excursion, Restorative Practices, Our Common Mission

  bulletin 6 term 2 Week 2

Mother's Day, NAPLAN, P & F

  Bulletin 5 2016

Learning Intentions, Year two WOW work! Office reminders

  Bulletin 4 2016

Catholic Schools Week, Working Bee, New Staff Profiles

  Bulletin 3 2016

Representative Swimming, Kitchen Garden, Catholic Schools Week

  Bulletin 2 2016

Lent, Swimming Carnival, Sacramental Programme

  Bulletin 1 2016

Welcome back, Kindy 2016, staffing 2016

  Bulletin 1 2016

Welcome back to 2016, Kindy's first week, Staffing 2016

  Bulletin 1 2016

Welcome back to 2016, Kindy's 1st week, Staffing news

  Bulletin 20 2015

2016 Staffing, Diocesan Sports Awards, Christmas Mass times

  Bulletin 19 2015

Christmas Events, Leadership Day, Staff Development Day

  Bulletin 18 2015

Walkathon, St Vincent de Paul hampers, School Uniform

  Bulletin 17 2015

Science Week, Tear 4 excursion, Walkathon news

  Bulletin 16 2015

Year 3 Hyde Park Barracks Excursion, Walkaton news, Science Week

  Bulletin 15 2015

This issue: Kitchen Garden, Netball Gala Day, Walkathon

  Bulletin 14 2015

This issue: Staff Appointment, Book Week 2015, Working Bee

  Bulletin 13 2015

This issue: Book Week, Voice Of Youth, Staff News, Working Bee

  Bulletin 12 2015

This issue: Respect, Book Week, Kindergarten Excursion, Year 2 Excursion

  Bulletin 11 2015

This issue: Staff Term 3, Restorative Practices, Excursions, Principal Pilgrimage, Year 1 Excursion

  Bulletin 10 2015

This issue: Restorative Practices, Quality Catholic Schools, Year 2, Health Promoting School

  Bulletin 9 2015

This issue: Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, Staff Profile, Year 1

  Bulletin 8 2015

This issue: Tour of School, Awardees, Maths Olympiad, Kindergarten Assembly

  Bulletin 7 2015

This issue: Mathematics Professional Learning Day, Friendation Crowd, Kindergarten Assembly, Student Uniform

  Bulletin 6 2015

This issue: Mothers Day, Staff Development Day, NAPLAN

  Bulletin 5 2015

This issue: NAPLAN, Teacher/Parent Communication, ANZAC Centenary, Sport

  Bulletin 4 2015

This issue: Harmony Day, Athletics Carnival, Nutrition for Children in Primary School, Excursions

  Bulletin 3 2015

This issue: Catholic Schools Week Celebrations, Quality Catholic Schools Survey, Parent Numeracy K-2 Workshop, St Patrick's Kitchen Garden

  Bulletin 2 2015

This issue: Opening School Mass, Strategies To Help And Support Your Child's Reading, Numeracy - Mathematics Assessment Interview, Catholic Schools Week

  Bulletin 1 2015

This issue: Welcome to Staff, Parent Information Sessions, Restorative Practices Program, School Uniform

  Bulletin 19 2014

This issue: Welcome to Staff 2015, Awardees, Celebrating Success & Diversity

  Bulletin 18 2014

This issue: Christmas Concert & BBQ, Yr 6 Graduation Mass & Dinner, End of Year Thanksgiving Mass

  Bulletin 17 2014

This issue: Sydney Writer's Festival, Numeracy, End of Year Events, DWF Appeal

  Bulletin 16 2014

This issue: World Teachers Day, Infants Assembly, Professional Learning Day, DWF Appeal

  Bulletin 15 2014

This issue: A Visit from Bishop Michael, Staff Profile, Congratulations Stephanie, Kindergarten Orientation Morning

  Bulletin 14 2014

This issue: Students Return - Summer Uniform, Farewell to Mr Melham, Year 3 Excursion, Spring Working Bee

  Bulletin 13 2014

This issue: K-4 Swimming Program, Year 6 Fundraiser Lolly Bag Day, Working Bee

  Bulletin 12 2014

This issue: Farewell to Mr Curry & Mr Melham, Staff Profile, National Literacy & Numeracy Week, Book Week, Year 1, St Pat on the Back Awardees

  Bulletin 11 2014

This issue: Mary Mackillop, Farewell to Staff, Creative Arts Expo, National Literacy & Numeracy Week

  Bulletin 10 2014

This issue: Professional Learning Day, Year 1 Excursion, Kindergarten Excursion, P & F Meeting

  Bulletin 9 2014

This issue: Pentecost/Confirmation, Refugee Week, Homework Group, Parent/Teacher interviews Yr 6 Canberra Excursion

  Bulletin 7 2014

This issue: Yr 6 Fundraiser Spider Drink Day, Athletics Carnival, Kindergarten Assembly

  Bulletin 6 2014

This issue: Holy Week, Remembering the ANZACS, NSW/ACT Bishops' Survey, Jump Rope for Heart, NAPLAN, Kindergarten Enrolments, School Photos, Winter Uniform

  Bulletin 5 2014

This issue: Holy Week Reflection Liturgy, Easter Egg Raffle Drawn, Harmony Day,

  Bulletin 4 2014

This issue: Staff Profile, Restorative Practices, St Patrick's Day

  Bulletin 3 2014

This issue: Staff Profile, Catholic Schools Week, Working Bee

  Bulletin 2 2014

This issue: ICAS Competitions, Sports Day, Carpark, Restorative Practices Program

  Bulletin 1 2014

This issue: Welcome to New Teachers, Parent/Prinicpal Coffee and Chat Meetings, Parent Information Sessions