Learning and Teaching

We place all students at the centre of all that we do, so that they can thrive, engage, explore, and be motivated to succeed.

We have created a nurturing and safe learning environment to promote the individual growth of each student. Our academic program, in line with the requirements of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), builds a strong foundation of learning through a focus on literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students, intertwined with social development and faith awareness.

In addition to Religious Education, the learning program is divided into six subjects or key learning areas:

  • English (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • History and Geography
  • Creative Arts (Music, Visual Arts and Drama)
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Learning And Teaching

St Patrick’s has a contemporary approach to learning, based on leading educational research. Through the use of flexible learning spaces and teacher expertise , we aim to achieve the best outcomes for every child. The school design and adaptability of spaces make it easy to navigate through the school and are designed to maximise learning benefits.

Our children are given many opportunities to take part in musical and artistic presentations. They are also challenged to lead healthy and active lives through our sport and PE programs. A specialist teacher engages the students in Physical Education for two days each week.

We are also mindful of the important part learning technologies play in today’s world, and incorporate IT into our teaching and learning. We are committed to providing the best resources we can to complement 21st century learning. Computers are set up in most ‘wet areas’ and this is complemented with the use of laptops and interactive whiteboards throughout the school. Children must agree to use the computers in an acceptable manner.

Our library has been refurbished and is well resourced with books and non-book materials, such as audio-visual resources. All children visit the library each week to borrow books and to take part in activities designed to develop information skills and a love of literature.

Our staff members are constantly upgrading and updating their knowledge and skills through professional development, in order to fulfil our mission to 'provide a safe environment that nurtures the holistic development of the individual.

The initiatives we promote are:

  • the ongoing presentation of merit certificates and mission awards, particularly in the areas of faith community, teaching and learning, personal growth and partnership, which primarily promotes respect and responsibility
  • our strategic approach to values education including respect for oneself and others
  • individualised teaching and learning encourages initiative and personal responsibility for learning in many students
  • the development of individual student responsibility through initiatives such as contract-based learning.

Celebrating Our Faith

Catholic traditions, morals and values are at the heart of St Patrick’s Primary. Teachers encourage students to recognise God in their daily experiences and to deepen their relationship with God, through daily shared prayer. Liturgy and prayer are integral to school life, as they deepen personal faith and help us to celebrate our Christian beliefs as a community.

All interactions between students, teachers and parents, and the parish and wider community, are an opportunity to encounter Christ. Our students participate in a rich liturgical life through the preparation and participation in class and school liturgies across the school and liturgical year. Our Religious Education program, Sharing Our Story, enables our students to come to know Jesus and the Catholic tradition.

Students are able to participate in parish-based preparation programs for the sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

Learning Enrichment

We recognise that every student is different and unique, and as such, we need to tailor our teaching and our support to acknowledge this. Each student is challenged and supported to reach his or her potential. We have a variety of support programs at St Patrick’s Primary:

  • learning support teachers that provide programs for students with additional learning needs
  • enrichment programs, such as the Mathematics Olympiad, to challenge high-performing students
  • a School Starters’ program to assist the transition into Kindergarten
  • before and after school care
  • a Kindergarten Buddy program between Stage 3 (Year 5 and Year 6) and Kindergarten students, where the buddy accompanies the younger child to events and assemblies
  • a Kitchen Garden project to support the acquisition of oral language skills through gardening activities within mixed age groups. It is run from Kindy - Year 6 and fosters the development of leadership skills and confidence in all students. It also encourages constructive working partnerships.  See us in the Kitchen Gardens in School Blog
  • a restorative practices framework sets us apart from many other schools. We believe that the most profound learning occurs when healthy relationships are fostered between teacher and student, and student and student. Restorative practices build, maintain and restore relationships, and gives students the tools to manage their own behaviour, which contributes to successful learning outcomes. 

Education involves the whole person, both in and outside the classroom. At St Patrick’s, a range of opportunities enables students to develop leadership skills. Year 6 students also have the opportunity to become student leaders in a number of areas, including School Captains, Mission Leaders, Media Leaders, and Sport Leaders. Their duties include organising school assemblies, playground activities and school fundraising activities that support a variety of causes such as Project Compassion, Catholic Mission and the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Physical Education plays an important part and we actively encourage healthy minds and healthy living. In Term 1, students in Years 3 to 6 participate in a school-based gymnastics program with specialist teachers. Students in Kindergarten to Year 4 participate in a two-week intensive swimming program in Term 3. We have enjoyed success in many of our representative sports including soccer, netball, swimming, and athletics.

Extracurricular activities play a vital part in student learning, and at St Patrick’s we actively encourage our students to experience a wide range of activities with a view to developing their talents and abilities. The diverse array of activities on offer include:

  • Mini–Vinnies Team
  • Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country carnivals
  • Zone, Diocesan and state representation opportunities in various sports
  • Book Week celebrations
  • St Patrick’s Day celebration 
  • NSW University competitions
  • Mathematics Olympiad   
  • ‘Voice of Youth’ public speaking competition
  • sport gala days 
  • football and cricket clinics
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Walkathon
  • curriculum-based excursions 
  • Kindergarten and Stage 3 buddy program 
  • Kids on Keyboard program
  • Kitchen Garden Program
  • Creative Arts Performance
  • school choir
  • drama club